Wechsler Memory Scale (Wisc-R)

WISC-R was published by David Wechsler in 1949. The test aims to measure the intelligence
of children and adolescent who are between age of 6-16.

WISC-R consists of 10 core and 2 supplemental subtests and organizes into Verbal
(Information, Similarities, Arithmetic, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Digit Span) and
Performance (Picture Completion, Picture Arrangement, Block Design, Object
Assembly, Coding, Mazes) composite scores. Mazes and Dİgit Span subtests are the
supplemental subtests. If the children can not complete the 5 core test of the Verbal Part, then
Digit Span can be applied to the children. If the children can not complete the 5 core of the
Performance Part, then Mazes subtest can be applied to the children.

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