Othello Syndrome

Everyone can jealous of their partner in daily life. This jealousy is generally short term and does not effect the couple’s life. On the other hand, jealousy is the peak in Othello Syndrome. It is a pathological jealousy and it causes couple’s to be jealous of each other too much. The person who is jealous accuses his/her couple with cheat; looks for evidence of cheat; tests his/her partner’s fidelity; tampers the cellular phone of his/her partner; wants to keep under control to his/her partner. When the jealous person can not reach the partner, s/he starts to think different things (for example s/he starts to think ‘Definitely my husband/wife is cheating me’) and this things makes him/her to behave in an uncontrollable and extreme way, to aggression and violence, insults her/his partner. These behaviours makes other person to feel worthless. On the other hand, jealous person feels sad, helpless, worthless and  unhappy. The result of this syndrome is generally divorce, suicide and homicide.

Othello Syndrome can be appear by itself but it can be a result of paranoid schizophrenia, alcoholism and addiction to cocaine. When the person suffers from othello syndrome, s/he should receive support from a professional.

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